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The Practice of Clinical Psychology

with a specialization in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) 

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Joseph Constans, PhD is a licensed clinical psychologist who has trained with some of the originators of cognitive-behavioral therapies including Drs. Andrew Mathews and Edna Foa.  Dr. Constans serves as the chief of research services at the New Orleans VA Medical Center (Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System), and he has his own federally-funded research program that concerns understanding and treating emotional disorders. Dr. Constans holds academic appointments with both Tulane University and Louisiana State University School of Medicine. 


His clinical services all involve non-medical interventions for emotional disorders through the modification of behavior and/or cognitive factors that maintain the problematic emotional issues.  Therapies offered by Dr. Constans are informed through his research activities and advocacy of evidence-based therapies for emotional disorders. Dr. Constans' expertise is best suited for those seeking CBT-based treatment of anxiety disorders, mild to moderate depression, or general distress related to life stressors.

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Dr. Constans will be an out of network provider on your insurance.

"He who fears he shall suffer, already suffers what he fears."

                                                                       - Michel de Montaigne

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